Meeting Notes From February

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On February 22nd, we held the first meeting of the Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis. As the organizer of the first event, I have to say I was floored and flattered with the amount of people who came out to share in the process of getting the society up and running.

We had some great ideas come out of our first meeting and I wanted to put them up for those to see who could not make it and hopefully we can discuss some more things here on the blog before our next meeting which is scheduled for April 6th.

Meeting notes:

We discussed the possibility of the UCSI becoming a membership based organization, with dues payable to belong to the group. Many people liked this idea and so we will go forward with this and discuss it more at our next meeting.

Classes: many at the meeting expressed a desire to take classes on topics relevant to running a craft business including taxes, writing a business plan, and pricing. This will be explored further and hopefully our first class can be offered in the fall.

Somethings which people want to see out of UCSI included the creation of a collective group of resources, a supply swap (already scheduled for our next event April 6th), the possibility for booth sharing at future craft events, sharing information about craft fairs, possibility of electing officers for the organization, having a “show and tell” at a meeting, taking craft to the public and offering events for people to participate in, possibility or organizing a fair, creating signage to identify members to the community (at fairs for example), and also the possibility of members being required to write blog posts for this blog to keep content fresh (high priority at next meeting is to get some bloggers!)

We also discussed people who we would like to come speak at our meetings for Q and A sessions. This list included a lawyer, an accountant, a small business development group, a grant writer, and insurance agent, and other crafters who have experiences to share.

We also discussed meeting with other organizations around Indy who we might co-benefit from staying in touch with such as the Indy Fashion Collective (as an example).

We discussed the possibility of creating pop-up style craft events, do charity craft events or fundraisers, and possibly some type of First Friday event where we could acquaint our organization with the public.

All of these ideas were excellent, so in our next meeting we will need to decide the priority and how to move forward.

Please be sure to join us at our next meeting at Little Green Bean Boutique on April 6th at 7pm. See the sidebar on the right to RSVP!


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The Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis Welcomes You

You might wonder who we are or what we have to offer. We’re working on that. Right now we’ve got one thing going though: Our first meeting will be held February 22nd!

Please join fellow crafters for the inaugural meeting of The Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis!

Our first exciting meeting will be held February 22nd at The Little Green Bean Boutique. The special guest speaker for this event is currently in the works.

Lucky for you, there’s also going to be a (complimentary!) bloody mary bar sponsored by Hoosier Momma’s Bloody Mary Maker. Arrive early to enjoy a delicious, locally sourced bloody mary. Wine and light snacks will also be provided. don’t forget to bring a couple of singles to tip the bartender!

In addition to the meet and greet and guest speaker, we’ll discuss the future of The Uncommon Craft Society of Indianapolis and what you can do to help us grow!

To RSVP to this event and get a (FREE) ticket to reserve your spot please visit: Space is limited, so reserve your ticket today!


(Those of you who noted that Amanda was to be the guest speaker, please now note that we are going to reschedule her for the TBD March event due to a scheduling snafu! Sorry!)


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